Why is an Important Question

  • 7 + years of niche tech and leadership hiring experience in software domain
  • 40 member team for non-portal hiring team
  • 9+ BI tools for fetching candidate information from LinkedIn, Github & Behance
  • Automated candidate engagement platform for non responsive candidates i.e. single click automation for 3 way communication like email, whatsapp and SMS

Why is an Important Question

  • All candidate calls are recorded for clear validation and assessment
  • Right from the JD till the hiring manager input all the prerequisite of the requirements is converted as a simple snippet to capture candidate information accurately
  • Our assessment team follows the snippet and capture the prerequisite for all the shortlisted candidates to ensure that customers only receive the best profiles

Why is an Important Question

  • 3 steps maker-checker process to produce only high quality profiles
  • As part of our maker-checker process every profile that our customer receives would have gone through a double Validation
  • Talent analytics for leadership team to make informed decisions

Why is an Important Question

  • POE – Post Offer Engagement
  • We have an automated system and highly skillful HR team to connect with the offered candidates with a clear interval like 7,14 & 21 days.
  • We have an experienced team powered with POE process to detect red flags at any early stage

Close any niche positions within 14 days

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