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Great Vision without great people is irrelevant, We help to hire one!
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Hiring at its best, you can be stress free about your hiring deadlines!
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Exclusive AI enabled leadership hiring company.
US, UK & India
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Tired of Traditional consultants, Nearing your hiring deadlines?

  • Tired of irrelevant profiles
  • Endless interview follow ups
  • Not adequate teams to understand your requirements
  • Back and forth of irrelevant profiles by the time you realize your 75% of tat is over

Stressed out, Revenue loss pointed out to TA?

  • Candidate not sure about your brand even at the interview stage
  • Offer dropout at the last minute
  • No transparent communication about the transition of the requirement has kept you in dark
  • Expensive, yet the service is not great

Our Founder On Value Creation

Find the talents Who are unfindable

Save - 160 Hours! Hire Any Niche Skills in 14 days!

Expert at non portal hiring, helps you to bring the top 10% untapped talent to the table

Talent Intelligence

9000 plus tech and non - tech company intelligence with a functional landscape of engineering, product management, finance, marketing and sales

Unique Competitive Database

Unique competitive database for B2B, B2C, D2C, SAAS, and tech companies (8.2 unique database)

Increase Candidate Quality - Profiles Selection Rate 78%

  • AI powered automated flow to connect with more than 75% candidates to increase the profile flow and quality
  • Unbiased assessment to produce the very best of candidates from the market

Increase Interviews - Our Interview Rate 71%

  • Exceptional customer engagement team to ensure interview follows ups & joining followups
  • Reporting – every morning at 11 am, you will receive candidate status on the schedules

Don't be in the dark,
Our weekly analytics will put us in the limelight!

  • Every wednesday you will receive a transparent report on profile submission, interviews, offers, and action items.
  • Our customer leadership team can take an informed decision using this report
  • We know how it feels to meet the business without achieving the hiring goals

Testimonials From Our Customers

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How can you work with ABEX?

Step 01

Setup a call for 15 mins with our leadership team.

Step 02

Share your critical requirements via email

Step 03

Our engagement team will connect with you for 20 mins for requirement understanding

Step 04

You will receive at least 2 quality profiles within
24-48 hours