Flex - What is it ?

Flex - What is
Why - Flex

Why - Flex

Budgets between 3L – 15L is usually a volume game but of course with the greater quality, It becomes extremely difficult for the internal HR teams to handle this alone, I am sure lot of us would have dreamt for the HR Partner who can come onboard start delivering from one day to help them meet their weekly / monthly hiring goals.  ABEX exactly replacing that Dream

Who do we help - Domains

Below is the list of domains that we work with.

IT Services, Digital Services, Ed Tech, Insurance, Banking, Auto, Oil, US Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, FinTech & Pharmaceuticals

How do we do it

Any given time our team has the capacity to handle 10000 candidates in a day. We created a tool called – Magic Connect (MC1) which does 3-Way communication in whatsapp, SMS and email at ease. Interested candidates will be assessed and processed with the quality check.

Receive 100’s of Currently Serving & Immediate Joinee profiles in a day      

Skills We Hire

Vanilla Tech Skills, Testing Skills, Sales Profiles, Ops Roles, AR Callers, Medical Billing & Coding skills, Retail Sales & Banking. 

Hire The Best Talents, Faster!

Over 10 million database, 2,000 success stories! Make yours now.

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