Purpose of GCC

The main purpose of establishing a GCC is to leverage cost efficiencies, access specialized talent, improve operational control, and enhance the company’s overall global competitiveness. GCCs allow companies to maintain direct control over their operations while benefiting from the advantages offered by the location. They are commonly seen in industries such as technology, finance, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.
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Role of GCC’s

GCCs can play a crucial role in driving innovation, process optimization, and knowledge transfer within an organization. There are about 1000 plus captive companies in India, Hiring the best talent is the No 1 goal for the GCC’s

ABEX Value Creation

ABEX started out as a boutique executive search firm so by nature ABEX dealt with a lot of complex and niche hiring. In the current competitive environment hiring the best talent requires a significant amount of effort in identifying passive & special talent in unexplored areas like Github, Behance & Linkedin. With the power of ABEX non portal infrastructure and 3 way automation, ABEX can be onboarded as a special vendor for niche skills hiring and creating value from the day 1. Few Classic Examples – Societe Generale & WPP.
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