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Launching a High-tech recruitment business:

The four core ingredients to make it right in our franchising model

Are you ready to venture into entrepreneurship within the high-tech recruitment sector?

ABEX franchise offers a unique opportunity, supported by four core ingredients that form

the bedrock of our recruitment franchisee’s strength and prosperity

High-Tech Expertise: Our franchisees excel in delivering unparalleled service as high-tech specialized recruiters, focusing on niche professions and markets. They forge lasting relationships with esteemed clients and talented candidates, leveraging a well-established network and collaborating daily with industry influencers to discreetly uncover opportunities. Partnering with ABEX means gaining access to unmatched expertise in high-tech recruitment, powered by advanced AI and ML algorithms for precise candidate matching.

The Strength of the ABEX Brand: Enhance your expertise with the influence and reputation of the ABEX brand. With a legacy spanning over a decade of sectorial proficiency, our reputation reinforces credibility in the market. Continuous support is provided through an extensive and experienced core team. Supported by cutting-edge IT, marketing, and operational assistance, alongside advanced digital tools powered by AI and ML, our franchisees possess the resources required for success.

Innovative Research Methodology: ABEX incorporates innovative research methodologies for candidate search, utilizing cutting-edge technology and data analytics powered by AI and ML to identify and attract top talent. Our franchisees leverage advanced techniques to streamline the recruitment process, ensuring efficient and effective candidate sourcing and selection. Automation in candidate connectivity ensures seamless interactions and fosters engagement throughout the recruitment journey.

Training and Processes: ABEX invests in the success of its franchisees through comprehensive training programs. This support guides your commercial growth endeavors, while weekly training sessions on pertinent topics ensure you stay ahead of the competition. Our training includes in-depth knowledge of AI and ML technologies, enabling franchisees to leverage automation and advanced analytics for enhanced recruitment outcomes.


  • Ambition to succeed
  • Little Time Allocation
  • Ambition to Succeed
  • Entrepreneurial sprint 
  • An MBA Or Business Experience


  • High Tech Recruitment Company
  • Presence in India, US & UK
  • Established and Credible brand
  • 10 Years of Intellectual Properties 
  • Resource Support Division

Customer Base 

200 plus customer base which includes some of the major companies in the market like

Meesho, Rapido, truecaller, BSE, Specsmakers




  • Minimum 4 years required in any franchise business to get ROI
  • Maximum profit is 4 – 17 %


  • 3 Months to 9 Months to get Full ROI
  • Potential to earn 30% – 100 % profit  per year 

Why do we need you ?

We provide the most competitive pricing in the market while maintaining high-quality delivery standards, despite the multitude of requirements. To effectively manage this responsibility and ensure continued success, we seek additional resources and the right partners. Join us in this journey to excellence!”

What ABEX is Upto?

Join us in our visionary quest to rank among the top 10 high-revenue, culture-rich, most innovative, and technologically advanced companies by 2030! 

Together, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible, foster an inspiring culture, drive innovation, and harness the power of cutting-edge technology to propel us to unprecedented heights. Embrace the journey with us and be part of shaping the future of our industry!