Latest Product Hiring Trends

Lately, there has been a discernible shift in how companies hire product managers. This is because companies are getting a better understanding of the talent pool, the importance of products, and how to hire the best product managers for their organizations. Due to these recent hiring trends, product hiring companies in India are changing their operations. Here are some current product hiring trends in India.

Release Experience Counts More than STEM Knowledge:

Until a few years ago, a background in science, technology, engineering, or math was a standard qualification for product managers. Although having such a degree might still be helpful in some cases, many businesses no longer prioritize such a credential over actual release experience. Now, product hiring companies in India  and other cities are changing their take on they view and hire talent.

Role of Degree in Engineering Hiring:

You must have seen it all when hiring engineers: applicants with bachelor’s degrees, credentials from coding boot camps, and self-taught devs. Unfortunately, no single one of these labels gives a reliable indication of a person’s actual relevant competence.

Coding tests are the only tool available to overcome the difficulty of finding and employing skilled engineers.

What IIT/IIM Graduates Look for Other than Money:

Working and aspiring Product Managers ascertain the requirements of the position. They are in line with their professional goals and experience as a manager. Many young profiles are more skilled than their senior counterparts in the tech industry. They look for a position that is best suited for their abilities considering their experience. Some project managers may need more time to learn new skills, such as coding or managing people.

It is also a fact that talented engineering graduates are selective in picking their jobs. They do not prefer working with big players in the industry only because of their names; they are interested in working with startups too. A survey showed that the offer-to-joining ratio for top software companies has dropped to 53% from around 70% in recent times.

Shift in Titles:

The pattern we see with product hiring companies in India is a continuing reorganization of titles as “Head of Product” is popularly used as a synonym for “VP Product” and “CPO” in many companies. The Head of Product may act as a Senior Product Manager in charge of a single product or a group of related products across a portfolio of applications.

Organizations have different ways of defining and labeling different positions. A product owner may be aspiring to become a product manager or a senior product manager. This pattern is common in multiple fields, not only with products.

All organizations should establish internal ownership and reporting structures for product teams. Candidates should search postings thoroughly to ascertain the important points.

Use of Recruitment Agencies to Speed up Hiring :

When an expert recruitment consultancy is hired, the burden of the talent acquisition team in meeting the organization’s staffing requirements is significantly reduced. Such agencies have the know-how and means to search for new employees. The internal teams can concentrate on expanding the business while they handle the hiring task.

To build a pool of prospective employees, a recruiting firm engages in extensive outreach operations. As a result, they can better identify and select qualified candidates to fill the available positions.

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