Who Are WE?

ABEX (WE)  are a Leadership Hiring firm in Chennai. We are professional headhunters, solving the complex hiring challenges in the corporate world. 

We bridge the gap between the qualified leader and the organization, aiding them in hiring a great leader.

We with our expertise, fish the right person for the organization in the ocean of talent.


If you are a person with a passion for HR, have the thirst to gather knowledge, and are in the quest to become a professional HR, then yes, ABEX is the place for you.

In a world full of chaotic corporate culture, we live as an authentic species having our own democratic culture that speaks its excellence.

We’ve been leveling up steadily over the years.

We welcome people with open hands because equal employment is not just in our papers but the core of our existence.

What You Can Expect from us?

  • A nurturing office environment that pushes you towards being your best.
  • Friendly and yet competent teammates.
  • We follow the principle of work when you work and play when you play, giving equal importance to the quality time we spend in our workplace.
  • Abexians have food at their heart; we sit together for a great meal every Saturday.
  • If you are an expert in games, then you are already in our club. 

Life at ABEX

We celebrate every moment in our workplace. Yet, we would like to manifest a few special days we cherish.


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