Importance of Emotional Intelligence at a Workplace

Imagine working under one roof with hundreds of different employees with millions of different feelings. Each one has a different perspective, thoughts and opinions. We all get affect and reflect according to our own emotions and understandings towards every situation and it also reflects over the performance at the work.

Emotional intelligence plays a huge role at a healthy workplace,now a days EI explains about 60% of the job performance,it is an ability to recognise and manage one's own emotions and feelings and also the ones who is around us and when an employee has emotional intelligence at the work floor,it directs his thinking and behavior and helps to adapt the environment and facilitates performance to achieve goals.

Components of Emotional Intelligence

❖ Self awareness
❖ Self regulations
❖ Motivation
❖ Social skills
❖ Social awareness

When an employee possess these components and this ability to manage and control his emotions at a workplace,he’ll be able to focus on the assigned task.Especially when it comes to a leadership quality, possessing emotional intelligence makes a positive
reflection on the performance for both the leader and his employee and when the performance is better obviously it'll lead to increase in productivity.

Workplace with better EI

➔ Avoiding confusion and making better decision
➔ Ethically solving problems
➔ Maintaining stability under pressure
➔ Resolving conflicts through effective negotiation
➔ Handling criticism and acting with wisdom
➔ Synergy effect

Workplace with lack of EI

➔ Poor communication styles
➔ Struggling to work as a team
➔ Negative stress
➔ Not taking responsibilities for errors
➔ Unnecessary conflicts
➔ Opinions of the employees are not recognized

Without a doubt emotional intelligence is playing an important role in the business world today. Even though IQ and technical competencies are the basic units for effective management, the bigger piece of the pie is EI. Because when there is emotional intelligence at the work floor, there is more performance which promises higher productivity, higher productivity leads to higher profitability and success is assured. Thus, understanding the importance of emotional intelligence at a workplace may help the
management to develop the human resource into a positive and committed workforce to grow and succeed.